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Meet Vin Servillon, a New York City-based artist who infuses his work with emotion and instinct. His love for painting blooms-- in a symphony of colors and feelings, where he finds himself truly alive. His work captivates viewers, prompting them to start a conversation but also whispers the unspoken emotions, sparking a connection between the artwork and the viewer.

For Vin, the subject transcends its form, becoming an infinitely varied and exciting exploration. The shapelessness of his creatures and sometimes repetitive nature of his work brings a soothing calmness to him, while the discovery of new materials and techniques fuels his creative fire. The patterns, textures, and creatures on his canvas offer endless interpretations.


Beyond his artistry, Vin is a fierce advocate for mental health, sharing openly about his own struggles with depression and panic attacks. Through art, he found healing and hope.


Self-taught and led by emotion, Vin creates his masterpieces, mixing colors and selecting tools with instinct. His passion shines through with every stroke.


Being born in to traditionalist Asian parents challenged his pursuit of his passion for art. Hindered by his parents' seeming lack of support, he concealed his love for painting, storing his creations in secrecy under his bed inside a Monopoly game box when he was a child. One vivid memory stands out - his first painting, a proud giraffe rendered with colored ink pens on paper. But when he showed it to his mother, it was carelessly discarded, leaving Vin heartbroken and withdrawing into secrecy. Within the confines of his art, Vin discovered a sanctuary, escaping from his difficult childhood into worlds of his own creation. Through his paintings, he connected with distant realms, finding solace in a canvas.


With unyielding resolve, Vin channeled his determination and passion, infusing his creations with raw, visceral emotion and instinctive energy. His paintings enthrall viewers, igniting captivating conversations and endless interpretations.


Follow his remarkable artistic journey on Instagram (@findvin) and immerse yourself in his world at



Vin Servillon
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