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Vin Servillon is an artist based in New York City who brings instinct and emotion to all of his work. His love of painting eyes has its roots in the raw feeling he brings to his work-- he says he likes the "simple honesty" he finds in them, the question of "Is it looking at you? Or Is it looking at me? If so what are your questions for each other?"

"Also for me-- it goes to a space where it's not about the subject (eyes, likeness of its shape etc) anymore. The application of a subject that can be infinitely varied is exciting to me."


"I also really like the repetitive (repetition) nature of my work. It calms me down and almost silences my mind. The exploration gets me going, the discovery of new materials, applications and techniques is very exciting. The patterns and textures I create, I believe and hope will always have a different interpretation."

Servillon is also a fierce advocate for mental health speaking openly about his own struggles with depression and anxiety and how art played a healing role in his life.


Servillon is self-taught. He navigates strictly by emotion, mixing paint colors and choosing art tools instinctively. The discovery of new techniques and materials excites him the most, he says. 


Follow Vin Servillon on Instagram (@findvin) and visit to learn more and see more of his work.



Vin Servillon
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