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Vin Servillon


Abstract Planet


An exploration of the dynamic and ever-shifting nature of our inner worlds. I aim to simultaneously convey both a sense of vastness and intimacy. It's a visual representation of how emotions can pull us in different directions, sometimes colliding, other times harmonizing, but always in motion.




These delve into deeper meanings, exploring depth both literally and metaphorically. I aim to go beyond visual impact, delving into textures, colors, and emotions. Each piece invites close inspection to reveal personal stories.


I want to explore the idea of hidden truths and inner landscapes. The paintings suggest that there is more to a person or a situation than what is immediately apparent.




I aim to capture moments of transformation or introspection, inviting viewers to contemplate the different facets of their own identities. The drips

symbolize the passage of time and the fluid nature of personal growth. I want to add a dynamic element to the paintings, suggesting movement and change.


These aim to capture the essence of those moments when reality blurs into a sinking, melty haze. It's a reflection of how our dreams often feel—a mix of clarity and confusion, where boundaries dissolve and we navigate a surreal landscape.


Explores the impact of past experiences on our present selves and the interconnectedness of time. I want to invite viewers to reflect on the nature of memory and how we perceive it. 

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