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Vin Servillon is a bold Asian-American artist residing in New York City, where his vibrant creations flow from the depths of his subconscious. His art embodies raw emotion, weaving an intricate tapestry from dreams, recollections, and mental health struggles. He believes that colors hold memories as transient as time itself, giving each piece bursts of lively hues and textures chosen on impulse to forge an intimate connection with the viewer.


Beyond mere visual stimulation, Vin's creations invite you to feel—to embark on a journey of interpretation. Like memories, new and familiar shapes and patterns emerge across his compositions, offering diverse perspectives. For Vin, the repetition and undefined forms in his work bring a sense of calm and peace.


Growing up in a conservative traditional Asian household, pursuing art as a career wasn't seen as realistic, more like a hobby. He didn’t receive much encouragement, but he found solace in art. Concealed within the confines of a Monopoly box hidden under his bed, his early works served as a rebellion—a testament to his struggle for self-expression amidst misunderstanding and rejection. Painting became his sanctuary, a refuge from a challenging childhood. It became his safe haven, a place where he could create magical worlds and escape the everyday. 


Driven not by formal training but by unwavering passion, Vin's art defies convention, urging viewers to embrace their creative impulses. Through his work, he seeks to inspire others and illuminate the profound healing potential of artistic expression.


Reflecting on his work, Vin shares, "My art is all about the intense passion and creative energy that consumes me every day. With every stroke of my brush and every texture I create through endless exploration of new materials on canvas, I feel like I'm pouring my entire being into my work. It's not just about painting; it's about translating my thoughts, memories, and ideas into tangible expressions." 


Even now, he often questions if his work is good enough. This lack of self-confidence is something he still carries with him at times, but he has come to see this self-doubt as a friend. It keeps him curious, always learning and growing. This journey with art has been his joy and constant companion, and he wouldn't trade it for anything.


Immersed in this continuous process, Vin's art becomes a reflection of his experiences and experiments. Each canvas represents a personal and artistic journey. Vin expresses, "I aim to capture not just images, but emotions and memories that resonate with me, like a secret code I want people to decipher..."


He invites you to experience this journey with him, letting his art speak for itself and reveal the depth of his passion and the essence of who he is—a celebration of creativity infused with his soul and the relentless pursuit of artistic expression.

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